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Apple Watch Tips



Siri is the best easiest way to launch an app on your Apple Watch – the interface icons are quite small and it is easy to tap the wrong one. So just say “Hey Siri” or hold down the Digital Crown and say, “Open,” or “Launch,” and the name of the App


Glances are quick summaries of information you need. Swipe up on the watch to access them and swipe left or right to move between glances for different apps. Tap a glance to open the app for more information. You can choose which apps offer Glances using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone (My Watch>Glances), where you can create the order they appear in and enable or disable them.


Want to take a screenshot of your Apple Watch display? Just press both the side button and the Digital Crown simultaneously. The image will appear in your Photostream or iCloud Photo library on iPhone, iPad or Mac OS X Yosemite Photos App.


Your Watch can also activate VoiceOver or Zoom when you triple-click the Digital Crown. Enable this on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone (My Watch>General>Accessibility>Accessibility Shortcut, and choose VoiceOver or Zoom). Siri will also turn VoiceOver on or off with a spoken command.

Force Touch

Try experimenting with ForceTouch in every App. Developers will continue to add features to their Watch Apps.

Here is a good expample:

Force Touch the Music app while a song is playing and Shuffle, Repeat, Source and AirPlay controls appear; tap the latter to choose an AirPlay speaker output.

Mute alerts

You can mute Apple Watch alerts by covering the display with your palm for three seconds, but you must set this up in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. (My Watch>Sounds & Haptics>Cover to Mute). Your watch will let you know mute is enabled with a tap.


Many apps and tasks can’t be completed on the Watch, but the mission will be handed across (Handoff) to your iPhone. Pick up your phone and you’ll see a small icon in the lower left of the display. Awipe this up to finish the task.

Power Reserve

Power Reserve is a low-power mode in which your smartwatch just tells the time. To enable it, press and hold the side button, then slide the Power Reserve slider (the middle option).

Switching apps

Double tapping the Digital Crown is the fastest way to switch between apps. Double tapping a second time returns you to the last thing you were doing.

Get the most out of your MacBook Battery With These Tips

Get the most out of your MacBook Battery With These Tips:

For any MacBook user, especially those who travel, a long battery life and top notch battery health are vital. The tips below will help ensure you get the most out of your MacBook’s battery over its lifetime.

1) Turn off AirPort Wireless

If you do not require the Internet and if there are no WiFi networks within range, turning off AirPort will considerably save your computer’s battery life. It is also wiser to use an Ethernet cable over wireless if the option exists.

2) Turn off bluetooth

Once again, if there is no need for a Bluetooth device, the best thing to do is to turn off the Bluetooth feature of your MacBook.

3) Minimize use of iSight Camera

The iSight camera uses plenty of battery power. Keeps its use down to a minimum if trying to extend battery life.

 4) Remember to eject discs from the DVD drive 

The motor in the optical drive required to spin DVDs and CDs can use a lot of power. Thus, eject your discs to maximize battery life. If you insist on watching DVDs, say on a long journey, rip them to your hard drive first instead.

5) Reduce screen brightness

Turn down the brightness of the screen to as low as you can comfortably work, and your battery life will significantly rise. The brighter the screen, the shorter your battery life.

6) Turn down/off the backlit keyboard

Similar to the brightness of the screen, keeping your backlit keyboard (if you have one) at its lowest or off will save plenty of battery juice.

7) Turn down volume or use headphones

Loud volume on your MacBook requires more energy. It is more energy efficient to plug in headphones instead if you fancy listening to loud audio/music.

8) Run fewer applications at once/turn off unneeded applications

By running fewer applications simultaneously, or installing more RAM, you reduce your risks of having unused parts of your memory being called for tasks, thus saving battery life. 

9) Do not disable a CPU core

For all MacBooks with more than one CPU core, disabling a core is NOT wise. Your MacBooks chips were designed to run most efficiently with multiple cores active. Disabling one not only requires more power, but also generates more heat. Some users have reported losing up to 40 minutes of battery life by turning off a core!

10) Calibrate the battery once ever 1-3 months

Finally, if your battery is showing signs of shorter run times, you may want to calibrate the battery (once every 1-3 months). To calibrate the battery, follow these instructions:

a) Fully charge your MacBook.

b) Once fully charged, leave it plugged in for at least another 2 hours.

c) Remove the MagSafe power adapter, and use your computer until you get the battery level warning message.

d) Ignore that message and keep running your notebook.

e) Eventually the machine will go to sleep.

f) Do NOT plug it in. Instead, let it sleep for at least 5 hours.

g) After the time has passed, plug it back in, and let it fully charge.

h) Once fully charged, your battery has been properly calibrated

Basic Mac Maintenance

Basic Mac Maintenance.

Your Macintosh computer was designed to be relatively maintenance-free, but occasionally problems crop up that require a little know-how to resolve. One of the most common issues is the gray Apple logo and the spinning pinwheel at startup, and the computer never finishes booting up to the desktop. Often times this can be resolved by taking the simple step of staring your computer in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode forces your Mac to run a series of self-maintenance routines while booting. While this won’t always resolve a hung up computer, it is definitely the right place to start.

To boot your Mac into safe mode, simply turn it on while holding down the SHIFT key until you see a long progress bar underneath the gray Apple logo. It may take some time for the computer to complete the tests, so keep an eye on the progress bar for a sense of how it is going.

Once the computer (hopefully!) has booted to the desktop it is a good time to run a couple more routines to straighten out your Mac’s filesystem and get it running right. 

First, click on the Finder (that little smiling blue/gray guy on the dock) and then go to the Go menu on the menu bar. From there select Utilities.

Now look for an application called Disk Utility and launch it. You should see your Mac’s hard drive listed on the left hand side. Click on the volume name, not the hard drive. 

Now, take a look at the window on the right. Below it you will see a button titled “Repair Disk Permissions” Go ahead and click on that button. This will repair the permissions scheme of all the files installed on your Mac using OS X’s Installer. It may take a minute or two if you have never run it before, so be patient!

Finally, and for those that aren’t afraid to get a little more involved in the inner-workings of their Macs, here is a routine to run scheduled scripts that your computer needs to self-maintain. Normally these are scheduled to run late at night when you are not using the computer, but it is more likely that your computer is turned off or asleep at these hours, and so the commands are rarely run as scheduled.

Go back to the Utilities folder and look for an application called Terminal. This is Mac UNIX command line tool. From here we will execute the scripts that clean up files and caches on your Mac, and may not have been run in some time.

Using your Admin account, you can run all three maintenance scripts at once:

Open the terminal and type the following exactly as it appears below:

sudo periodic daily weekly monthly

Press return and enter you Administrator password, and press return again.

Now reboot your Mac, and enjoy!

Check back next week for another simple tip to get the most out of your Apple!

The iClinic

The New iClinic Central Saint Petersburg is now open! 1241 1st Ave North

Voted #1 Apple repair store in the Tampa Bay Area!

Our newest store features the addition of a Consultation Bar where our iDevice Specialists will help you get hands-on technical support for all your Apple products. If you would like to be trained to get the most out of your Apple products, you can also get helpful, courteous training at our iClinic University. You will receive friendly, expert help or training in a comfortable, convenient atmosphere. Some repairs can even be completed while you wait. 

We'd love to see you.

Your one stop for all things Apple!

Don't settle for less! iClinic will install only high-quality, OEM parts in your apple devices. All repairs come with a 1 Year Warranty and are installed by Veteran Apple Certified Techs.

We have all current model iOS device parts in stock, and iMac most of our repairs can be done the same day or while you wait. No appointment is needed, just stop in and we will get to work on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or PC right away!

Mobile Service

Our Apple Certified Techinicians will come to your office, school or home to get your sick Mac back to health right away! We also have Microsoft Certified Techs on staff for your PC needs.

Lifetime Repair Program


What good is a warranty on a glass repair if the glass breaks again? 

iClinic now offers our lifetime repair program on all iDevice repairs.

Our new lifetime repair program provides on demand lifetime device repairs for most iDevices serviced in our stores for a service fee much lower than the original repair cost.

How does this work?  Lets say you break the screen on your iPhone 4S.  You come to iClinic, anytime - no appointment is ever needed - and we repair it on the spot.  You leave happy and your iPhone is like new again.  Then the unthinkable happens…the glass on the iPhone breaks again!  These are unfortunate circumstances if you had your iPhone repaired anywhere else but if you are an iClinic customer you are COVERED!  Bring your iPhone back to iClinic, anytime - no appointment needed - and we repair it on the spot AGAIN and the only charge is a service fee based on the item being repaired.

All iOS devices are eligible for this program!  iPhones, iPads and iPods.

We stand behind our work at iClinic and we truly value our customers.  If you want the best for your Apple devices there simply is not a better agency than iClinic.

FAQ About The Lifetime Repair Program

Q: How much will it cost?

A: All qualified iDevices are covered at the time of initial service.  Service rates are based on the device and type of repair covered.  Ask your service rep at the time of repair what your re-repair rate will be. Most Re-Repair Services cost about 40-50% less than the initial service. 

Q: Can I buy a Lifetime Repair Program without having a device repaired at iClinic?

A:  No.  Only qualified devices repaired at iClinic are eligible for this program.

Q: I had my iDevice repaired by iClinic before this program started, do I qualify?

A: Yes.  All qualified iOS device repairs performed at iClinic are covered.  The program covers the repair you had performed.

Q: Is the Lifetime Repair Program transferable?

A: No.  iClinic's Lifetime Repair Program only applies to the same unit and same customer as originally serviced.

Q: Is there a qualifying or waiting period?

A: No.  You are eligible for Lifetime Repair Program rates the moment you leave our shop with your serviced iDevice.

Q: Does iClinic charge more for repairs to cover re-repair costs?

A: No.  In fact we are extremely competitive in our repair prices.  iClinic may charge a few dollars more for our high quality OEM parts and service than some of our competitors but we never charge extra or hidden fees for the services we perform.  For instance, we don't charge extra to repair the corners on your iPad. We use only the highest quality, factory direct parts and all repairs come with a one year warranty. Add to this the security of the Lifetime Repair Program and iClinic is clearly the best value for your money.

Q: What if I never break my device again?

A: That's awesome!

Q: What if I break my device every week?

A: No problem!  With your qualifying service, this program was made for you!  There is no limit to the number of times you re-repair your covered iDevice.

Q: How long does coverage last?

A: This program covers qualified iDevices for the life of the device and customer for whom the initial service was performed. All iOS device repairs come with a 1 year warranty against defects as well.

iClinic 2.0

The iClinic has expanded again!

On March 1st weiClinic TV proof-2 officially opened our newest store.  Located at the same address as our headquarters in Pinellas Park, FL, the iClinic™ 2.0 is bigger, brighter, and tailored to our customer's needs.

IMG 2637

Our New Workshop Offers More Services, More Quickly Than Ever!

Our older workshop was fantastic, but just a bit too small to handle the volume of repairs and upgrades performed at iClinic on any given day.  So we have built a new, updated, and AppleCare® Compliant workshop with twice the workspace!  Our techs couldn't be happier (or sitting further apart).

IMG 2696

Our signature Liquid Damage and Logic Board Repair Services are second to none.  We can bring your liquid damaged iPhone or MacBook back to life or repair a "dead" logic board in our rework department.  

We also refurbish pre-owned Macs, iPads and iPhones and make them available for sale in our retail store.

We use only Apple parts in our All our repairs.  All parts come directly from Apple and are installed by Apple Certified Technicians.

We love PCs too!  iClinic has on staff Microsoft Certified Technicians to assist with any Windows or PC related issues you may have.  From new system installations, custom built PCs, virus removal, and networking, we are ready to help you get the most out of your PC today!

We have expanded our range of services!

In addition to the great services that we have always offered we now have even more in our retail stores!

iClinic University™ - staring this Spring 2013 - hands on training and instruction on your iPad, iPhone and Mac!.

iClinic University™ classes teach a range of skills from the most fundamental use of iOS and OS X to intermediate and advanced power-user courses for the initiated.  Class sizes are small (2-8 people) and offered at both our Saint Petersburg and Pinellas Park locations.  Weekend workshops and specialized courses such as iLife and ProApps can help you get the most out of your devices, increase your productivity, and unleash your creativity!  Our instructors are Apple Certified with many years experience, and our facilities are comfortable and well equipped.  Bring your own device or use one of ours!

Classes start soon so sign up on our mailing list for scheduling information.

Our Retail Store Has More To Offer Than Ever!

From iPhones and iPads to Macs and more: iClinic has more great deals than ever before on new and used Apple products.

We always have a great selection of Macs to choose from in our store.  We have notebook and desktop models that have been completely refurbished and all come with warranty and satisfaction guarantee.  If you have been thinking of buying a Mac, check out our selection first.  We probably have exactly what you need for a fraction of the price.

iClinic has iPhones, too!  All iPhones are sold factory unlocked or with clean ESN so that you can activate them and start enjoying the smooth stability of iOS right away.  We also offer pay-as-you-go carrier plans from T-Mobile, Net10, and H20 Wireless.

IMG 2712

Accessories?  iClinic has a great selection of protective cases for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  We carry OtterBox, LifeProof, Incipio, PureGear, and Ballistic cases for iOS devices.  We have charging cables and wall adapters for your iPhone and wall chargers for your MacBook.  Need an extra battery for your MacBook?  How about an external hard drive?  We have them in stock.  How about a 500GB solid state hard drive for your iMac?  We have those, too.

iowc 25th anniversary sweepstakes

iClinic is an official reseller for Other World Computing, a veteran manufacturer of Apple upgrades and accessories.  We offer RAM and hard drive upgrades and replacements, high capacity battery replacements, external drive options, and a wide range of professional-grade products for our customers.  OWC builds and sells only the best, and that is why we carry their product line at iClinic.



We hope you will stop by soon and check out our newest store.  We have a great staff of professionals ready to help you get the most out of your Apple products.

IMG 2711

iPhone Repair Most Frequently Asked Question

iPhone Repair Most Frequently Asked Question

Q - I broke the screen on my iPhone?  What are my options?

A - You have several options available, and a little information will help you to make an informed decision.  Read on!

First, Apple offers flat rate service for out of warranty iPhones.  Physical damage to the iPhone is not covered by warranty, so this pricing plan applies to things like screen damage, liquid damage, etc.  Repairs range from $149 for iPhone models from the original to the iPhone 4, $199 for the iPhone 4S, and $229 for the iPhone 5.  At this price Apple will replace the unit with a refurbished one.  They will not make any effort to save your personal data or transfer it to the new iPhone.  You will, however have a working iPhone in your hands right away (or at least after a couple of hours in line at the Apple Store).

Apple provides the following repair options for iPhones:

Out-of-Warranty Service

If you own an iPhone that is ineligible for warranty service but is eligible for Out-of-Warranty (OOW) Service, Apple will service your iPhone for the Out-of-Warranty Service fee listed below.

iPhone model

Out-of-Warranty Service

iPhone 5


iPhone 4S


iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, 

iPhone 3G, Original iPhone


This is a one-price-fits-all plan that covers everything from a broken screen to a damaged headphone jack or failed logic board. Customer’s do not have the option to repair only those things that are broken, and must surrender their iPhone to receive the replacement refurbished unit.

Second, you may opt for repair at iClinic.  Although our technicians are Apple Certified we must make it absolutely clear that NO COMPANY OTHER THAN APPLE THEMSELVES ARE AUTHORIZED TO REPAIR YOUR IPHONE!  No one!  It doesn’t matter what they say, they are NOT authorized.  Apple does not offer ANY iPhone, iPad or iPod repair programs to retailers.  There are a few retailers that can offer replacement programs like the one described above, but they are not authorized to do repairs.

Our technicians are highly skilled, both as Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians, and as iClinic iDevice Technicians.  We have been working on Apple products since the 1980’s and have developed techniques and processes for diagnosing and repairing Apple’s computers and personal devices that are thorough, accurate, non-damaging to the device, and very fast.  We LOVE Apple products, and are passionate about our work and seeing our customers light up when we hand them back a fully restored device!  Apple products are designed and built to a higher standard, and we as technicians dedicated to this product line hold ourselves to higher standards as well.

In this vein, we are committed to using only the highest grade components in the repairs we perform at iClinic.

Third, you should know that Original Equipment Manufacturer parts for iPhones are hard to come by.  Many places will claim they are installing OEM parts, but they are actually installing hybrids of OEM and Aftermarket parts.  This is especially common with the iPhone 4 and 4S with Retina Display.  Some companies are removing the Retina display from the broken glass and glueing them back onto aftermarket digitizers.  These are what many places call OEM.  The LCD may be a used pull from another iPhone, but the digitizer is not.  Usually these parts have bugs like a poor lens for the front facing camera, improper tinting and placement for the Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor (which adjust the screen when you hold it up to your ear or when you walk into a bright room from a dark one), and fit and finish on the edges and frame are poor.  Usually the glass doesn’t “feel” right under your fingertips.  The oleophobic coating that keeps fingerprints from smudging your phone is missing, as is that smooth and responsive feel that you are used to when using your iPhone.

At iClinic we use ONLY true and complete OEM parts in our repairs.  Sometimes our rates are a few dollars higher than competitors, but the quality of our repairs and workmanship are heads above the rest.  The parts we use to service your iPhone or iPad are painstakingly procured through legal channels directly from the companies that manufacture them for Apple. 

Your options for repairing your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and of course your Mac are many.  

Your best choice for an affordable, timely, and professionally done iDevice repair is iClinic.

Apple's October 23rd Event

New iPad, iPad Mini, iMacs, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pros

Apple’s “We have a little more to show you” event turned out to be quite a bit more with the announcement of newly refreshed Mac Minis, the new MacBook Pro 13 With Retina Display, new 4th Generation iPad, the new iPad Mini, new iMacs, and updates to it’s iBooks and iBooks Author applications.

After 2 years of rumors and speculation the iPad Mini is finally a reality.  The device looks great with it’s 7.9 display, diamond cut bezel, and sporting the new Lightning Dock Connector.  Doubtless that Apple will sell a hojillion billion of these little guys.  With an entry level price of $329 this is the least expensive iPad ever, and will no doubt be a huge hit.

Apple also introduced the 4th generation of the full size iPad.  The new tablet has a faster CPU and graphics, improved LTE capability, and improved front camera, and Lightning connector.  With the exception of the A4-based iPhone 4/4S and the iPad 2 (which is still being offered as a stepping stone iOS device in between the iPad mini and iPad 4th gen), all of Apple’s new iOS devices are now utilizing the Lightning connector.

My personal favorite of the afternoon was the unveiling of the 7th generation iMac.  Apple makes the best all-in-one computer in the world.  They have done so since the introduction of the original Macintosh and with the exception of a misstep here and there (eMac? Macintosh TV?). They have always built the best all-in-one.  Today’s iMac is a beautiful computer, on the verge of sculpture.  The 27 inch model is simply stunning.

The new iMacs have a dramatically thin design.  The new housing accommodates a gorgeous backlit screen that sits flush against the glass thanks to a new lamination process that removes the air space between the glass and display.  The result is said to make text and images look like they are on top of the glass.  Can’t wait to get one in the iClinic lab to see for ourselves!

iMac is available in 21.5-inch and 27-inch sizes with prices starting at $1299 for a 2.7GHz quad-core Core i5-powered model. Upgrades available for the 21.5-inch iMac include a 2.9GHz quad-core Core i5 processor for $1499, while the 27-inch offering is a 2.9GHz quad-core Core i5 or 3.2GHz quad-core Core i5 for $1799 and $1999, respectively.  All iMac models are equipped with SDXC, USB 3.0, ThunderBolt and Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Apple also announced a new build to order option for the iMac and Mac Mini, the Fusion Drive.  The Fusion drive is a hybrid flash and standard hard drive.  The drive’s firmware works with OS X to intelligently gather the operating system and applications as well as frequently accessed documents onto the SSD portion of the drive, while dynamically moving less frequently accessed data on the standard drive. The idea isn’t new (anybody else own a Momentus XT Hybrid?) but the intelligent file handling in OS X is, and it looks like a great build to order option assuming it is priced reasonably.

The Mac Mini received an update too!  The line now has Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports and the latest Ivy Bridge chip set: a 2.5GHz dual-core Core i5 chip in the $599 model and a 2.3GHz quad-core Core i7 chip in the $799 model. Both Mac minis have improved graphics also.

With the exception of the Mac Pro (which hopefully will be refreshed soon, too)  the Mini is the only desktop Mac that still has FireWire ports now that the iMac has shed its own FireWire 800 port to make room for thunderbolt. 

Then there was the MacBook Pro Retina Display.  The 13’ MacBook Pro with Retina display is offered in two configurations:  a $1699 model with a 2.5GHz dual-core Core i5 processor and a $1999 model with the same processor but 256GB of flash storage.  Like its predecessor, the 15’ MacBook Pro with Retina Display, this Mac has no optical drive, and no FireWire ports.  It has the same port configuration as the 15 model:  2 ThunderBolt ports, HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 ports, MagSafe 2 power adapter port, and headphone jack.  We have a 15’ Retina MacBook Pro here at iClinic and we can say that the display is absolutely gorgeous.  I imagine the 13’ model although slightly more diminutive, will be just as pretty.  In fact, they are available to order today — so I think I’m going to go do that now and I’ll let ya know.

Apple continues to make awesome stuff and we at the iClinic love working on all these amazing products, and helping our customers get the most out of them.  If you need some help getting to know your new Apple product, give us a call and schedule an appointment with a Certified pro.  If your Apple device is not functioning properly leave it to the pros at iClinic to get it working again. From broken iPhone screens to Mac Pro logic boards and everything in between — we are your best choice for all things Apple from the moment you leave the Apple store.

Charlotte Smiled!

A great big thank you to our friend Charlotte for such a kind review on her blog, Charlotte Smiled

iClinic Saint Petersburg Now Open!

Greetings From Saint Petersburg, FL!  The iClinic is proud to announce the opening of our second store! The iClinic Saint Petersburg is open for all your Apple device needs at 10am this morning! Grand opening Monday. We can repair your iPhone or iPod while you wait, your iPad in most cases the same day, and offer Mac upgrades and service on the spot. You don't need an appointment, just drop in at Crosspointe Professional Plaza at 3530 1st Ave North and visit the iClinic. We are open Monday-Friday 11am - 6pm, closed on weekends. Call (727) 421-8453 for information.

If you live closer to North County then our Pinellas Park location may be more convienent. Located at 6251 Park Boulevard in Park Plaza, just a couple of blocks from 66th Street.  We are open Monday-Friday 10am-7pm and Saturdays from 10am-6pm.  Call (727) 851-9507

Both locations are prepared to help you with any Apple product you may own. With over 20 years of experience dedicated to Apple's computers and devices, Apple Certified Technicians, and a large inventory of parts on hand, the iClinic is your first choice for Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod repairs.

 © iClinic, LLC 2011 - Mac,iMac,iPhone,MacBook,MacBook Pro,iLife,Mac OS X,iPod,iPod Touch,iPad and  are Registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.-Modifying your device may void its warranty.